PEPSOP PEST CONTROL SERVICES since 1992 with a vision of becoming the largest and most preferred service provider with unique solutions to daily countless pest control services problems in residence, commercial and institutional. Our approach is to use the Advanced pest control services techniques with new generation environmentally safe and approved products.

Goldstar™ Service

Gel application followed by odorless insecticidal spray.

Pest Covered : Cockroaches, red & black ants, spiders and silverfish.

  • Benefits :
  • Economical, highly effective and long lasting
  • Odorless
  • No need to vacate the premise
  • Safe for human health, property and environment
  • Target pest specific

Diseases transmitted by Cockroaches :
Food poisoning, Asthma, Typhoid
Fever,Dysentery, Diarrhea

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Termistar™ Service

Subterranean Termites: –

  • Build nests in soil and infested wood that is in contact with the ground
  • A mature queen can produce up to 30,000 eggs per Day
  • A queen can live for 10-15 yrs
  • They are voracious eaters of anything contains cellulose like paper, wood, animal products, textiles etc.
  • They can invade any building with a little gap of 5 mm

Routs Of Entry

  • Drainage pipes

  • Through walls

  • Electric cables

  • Service pipelines

  • Lift well

  • Expansion Joint

Annual Contract


  • Drill …..skirting level at 45°angle
  • Holes…. 12 mm diameter 12 inches distance (Centre/Centre) 6 inches deep internal walls
  • Remove & Clean the dust
  • Fill holes with Termiticide Solution
  • Fill chalk and seal the holes with cement

Five Years contract

Ground and 1st floor

Other Floors

  • Drill… junction of Wall & Floor at 90°angle –outside Area
  • Holes… 12 mm diameter 12 inches distance (Centre/Centre) 12 inches deep
  • Remove & Clean the dust
  • Fill holes with Termiticide Solution (1lit / hole -outside)
  • Fill chalk and seal the holes with cement
  • 1 feet distance………… ground and 1stFloor
  • 3 feet distance........ 2ndand above Floors


Four Directions Spred

  • Uniform application of chemical in all possible directions.
  • Desired quantity of chemical can be injected (1 lit/hole) to desire depth
    (1 ft depth) for external periphery to reach sub soil of building.
  • Reduce time of application.
  • Effective innovation towards desired results.
  • Treat beneath floors covered with tile or finished wood.
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Rodastar ™ Service
  • Rodentcomprisemice,rats,bandicoots are among the most successful and abundant mammals on our planets.
  • They live at man’s expense; invade his home eat his food and damage his property.
  • They contaminated his food with their feaces,urine and hair.
  • Pest Covered: Rats and mice

Diseases transmitted by Rats:

Rodents are carriers of Plague,Rabies and more than 40 dreaded diseases such as Leptospirosis and Rat Bite Fever etc.

Pair of rat can multiply to 800-1200 number in one year

Glue Boards No Rat Poison

Rat guards fixed by HPM

Bromodiolone Bait

Rodent bait stations

Snap Traps

    Treatment Details:

    • Inspecting premises t oprovide anaudit on the nature and extent of infestation
    • A comprehensive service plan,Proofing measures includes sealing of entry points& creating barrier for the rodent movement
    • Keep ingcontamination and safety i nmind for baiting and trapping,periodic replenishment of baits and resetting of traps,action plan for sanitation and proofing to preventre-infestation


    • The bait sarestrategic locations where the rodents frequently visit
    • Hygeia Rodent Management Service uses registered products.
    • It sdesigned keeping human safety in mind
    • Targeted at total control
    • Competent technical supervision and monitoring.


      Baiting as well as monitoring programme will be carried out for compound area a tregular interval of 15 days(24Services)through out the contract period.

Bugstar™ Service
  • Pest Covered: Bed Bugs

  • Mode of Treatment: Chemical Spray

Frequency of Service

  • 2 services
  • 60 days contract
  • Both services Water based
  • Odorous service
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Birdstar Service
  • Bird dropping are so acidic in nature that can cause permanent damage to stone and painted metals.
  • Pest Covered : Wood Borer (Powder Posts Beetles )
  • Transfer diseases like Salmonellosis, Encephalitis, Cryptococcosis etc. which creates breathing and skin disorders.
  • Besides this, messes the dropping create are plentiful.
  • Pest covered :Feral Pigeon, Crow, House sparrow.

Birdstar Net

  • Net is HDPC UV light stabilized for better durability.
  • Heat treated to prevent knot slippage.
  • Applications : Feral Pigeon, Crow, House sparrow.
  • Airport, Factories, shopping Malls,Residential Buildings, Private offices,Hospitals, Hotels etc.

Birdstar Stainless Steel Spikes

  • Stainless steel, base moulded with polycarbonate & ultra violet stabilized.
  • Best suitable for Indian weather conditions and maintenance free.
  • Applications : Feral Pigeon, Crow, House sparrow.
  • Ledges,Rooflines,Parapet walls, window sills, I –beams etc.
Beetlestar™ Service
  • Pest Covered: Wood Borer (Powder Posts Beetles )

  • Mode of Treatment: Injection and Spraying

  • Contract Period : Annual

Injecting Chemical

Frequency of Service

  • Annual contract – 4 treatment

    (Ex. Jan, Feb, March, Apr)
  • Two quarterly check-up visits
  • Bifenthrin @ 20 ml / Kerosene
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Mosquistar Service:
  • Pest Covered –Mosquitoes
  • Mosquitoes not only cause nuisance by painful bites but also transmit serious diseases.

Mosquito spp.

Places of breeding

Diseases caused

Anopheles spp.

prefers clean water for breeding


Aedes spp.

Breeds in artificial containers

Yellow fever, Dengue, Chikungunya

Culex spp.

Breeds in sewage / dirty water


Potential Breeding Sources

Scrap Material

Open Nalas



Larvicide Treatment :
  • Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water such as clogged storm water drains, septic tanks and other water stagnant areas. Suitable larvicide is applied on the surface of the stagnant water depending upon type of water that is clean or dirty water.
  • Adulticide Treatment :
  • Indoor residual spray :
  • with odorless chemicals (Deltamethrin / Betacyfluthrin). Misting is carried out for control of flying mosquitoes with mist blower in public areas.
  • Thermal Fogging :
  • Effective method to keep away the adult mosquitoes. Fogging is carried out during dusk hours in immediate surroundings of the building to control adult mosquitoes.
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Apart from above we are also offering pest control services Services for:

    Apart from above we are also offering pest control services for:

  • Flies
  • Honeybees
  • Weed Management
  • Dog ticks, etc.
  • We also provide an audit on the nature and extent of infestation
  • A comprehensive service plan, keeping contamination and safety in mind
  • Competent technical supervision and monitoring
  • An action plan for sanitation and proofing to prevent reinfestation
  • We provide expert support for comprehensive solutions - Our technicians are well trained to ensure proper mixing and application of pest control services products for getting good results.